‘Classy & Fabulous’. The famous words of Coco Chanel. This style icon mentioned exactly what the new range of Surdiva® stands for. Surdiva® is elegant. Surdiva® is arty. But most of all, Surdiva® is always in style. This brand new collection of Scaevola varieties will turn your garden into a richly coloured art deco pallet. With beautiful, decorative, outstanding flowers that make a dazzling statement straight away. 

Surdiva® is a range of nicely coloured Scaevola, one of the most heat tolerant bedding plants in the world. While the native species has a wild, rangy habit. The Surdiva® has a compact mounding to trailing habit, producing distinctive fan-shaped flowers on short terminal spikes that show super continuous flowering. The plants are drought tolerant and self-cleaning, what makes them ideal for low-maintenance situations. Hence, the Surdiva® collection is highly versatile and has a very wide range of uses: from ground cover to hanging baskets and from pots to balcony boxes.

New genetics

Presently, we will intoduce four improved varieties which we refer to as ‘the new generation of Surdiva®.These upgraded plants are compact, how very good branching and have a high flowering power. The habit is more semi-mounding in comparison to the usual trailing habit of the Scaevola and the propagation rate is improved. The Surdiva® is an interesting plant to mix. Because of its similar habit and the wide coulour range offered, they fit beautifully together. Moreover, they are very interesting to use in composition with other Suntory® varieties. They have a long flowering life until late in the season and perform very well outside due to their good heat and rain tolerance.

The story of Scaevola

The background history of the plant name Scaevola is an interesting one. The name is Latin for left-handed, in reference to the flower looking as if it has been cut in half. Many legends have been told to explain the formation of this unique flower shape. In one version, a woman rips a Scaevola flower in half after a quarrel with her husband. The gods, enraged by the event, respond by turning all Scaevola flowers in half. The two lovers will be separated forever, while the man is destined to search in vain for another whole floer. Half a flower or not, Scaevola is a perfect addition to your landscape.

Art Deco

The Surdiva® collection is elegant, arty and always in style. The luxurious colours in combination with the beautiful delicate flowers makes Surdiva® the perfect plant to bring the glamour of the roaring twenties and thirties to a 21th century garden.

To support the sparkling and jazzy identity, the look and feel of Surdiva® is focused on the art deco style. An extravagant movement that is characterized by rich colours, symmetrical designs and refined detail work. In line with these components, the brand logo of Surdiva® is a deep messing coloured and symmetrically shaped feather – inspired on the Charleston costumes of the Great Gatsby showgirls. The brand colours are mustard, lilac and blue grass. The perfect combination to showcase the qualities that Surdiva® stands for. Mustard is a piquant and tangy colour that adds a shot of flavour to anything it touches. Lilac is defined as feminine and powerful. The colour can also be descibed as bright and outstanding. Hence, the bluegrass colour symbolizes confidence and eternal grace. Just as Surdiva®: an outstaning plant with elegance and style that will bring timeless beauty to your garden.

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MNP flowers (the Netherlands) introduces new plants and varieties from the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd., among others, onto the European ornamental horticultural market. MNP flowers has several selection specialists, who all have in-depth knowledge of the European horticultural market. Together they select plants and varieties that suit this market perfectly. They are tested extensively at several testing locations. Next to that, MNP flowers carries out market research for every variety, which is very important for “positioning” the product. They think about “product naming” and branding (logo, labels, pots, leaflets, website, etc.). Growers pay a licence fee for every Suntory Flowers Europe plant. MNP flowers recoups this licence fee to its business partners by creating marketing concepts, arranging free publicity and PR, safeguarding plant quality, etc.