Culture & Timing Guide


MNP is happy to guide their business partners while propagating and growing our plants. Therefore, we work closely with our licensees, customer service is of great value to us. For cultivation and selection advice please contact one of our experts, they can give you tips and advice about propagating and growing the plants from the Suntory Flowers Europe. Click on the banners below to start the download.

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How To Use

Surdiva® is a bedding plant that can be used for hanging baskets, window or balcony boxes, patio pots and as ground-cover. Duration of flowering for consumers is from May till November.

Flowering Characteristics

As bedding plants they need a good amount of light to be able to flower. Increased light levels and longer days stimulate the flowering. To get a nice full flowering pot with a flowering center it seems a must, to use a second pinch and in a style to cut the plant back deeply around the pot edges.

Young Plants

Start with certified clean material from one of the official MNP dealers. Go to the availability page to find one of our licensees in your neighbourhood.

Potting Medium

Use a good quality bedding plant mixture that can contain enough moisture and has a good structure. pH of mixture can be around 5,5-6.0


Any size pot can work, for baskets use 3 plugs/basket.

Earliness Depends On

  • Your average 24 hours temperature, the higher the faster.
  • Roughly we have calculated 10 weeks to finish Surdivas in pots, and 14 week to finish Surdivas in hanging baskets. Growing in normal bedding plat season under dutch circumstances.
  • Potting date.

Pots & Baskets


As from 10,5 cm Pots

Potting: February-March
Rooting: Surdiva® are easier to probate than others Scaevola, but it stays a crop relatively difficult to root.
1st pinching: 2 weeks after potting (if the plant is high enough).
2nd pinching: A 2nd pinching can be useful for bigger plants.
Finishing time: As from 2,5 months
Harvest: End of April, May.

Baskets, Use 3 Plugs

Potting: End of January, February.
Rooting: Surdiva® are easier to propagate than other Scaevola, but it stays a crop relatively difficult to root.
1st pinching: 2 weeks after potting (if the plant is high enough).
2nd pinching: A 2nd pinching can be useful for hanging baskets.
Finishing time: As from 3 months.
Harvest: End of April, May.

‘An already pinched and branched plug can give an advantage in speed of finishing as well as plant quality.’




Temperature: After potting, a higher temperature is preferred like 18 o C for around 2 weeks, this for the roots to grow out of the plug fast. Later a growing temperature between 10 and 16 o C can be used as a normal greenhouse temperature. For more speed you can add more temperature especially in the beginning of the culture without compromising too much on the quality. Of course growing very cold will delay the flowering time.

Air humidity: For a compact and hardier plant a low humidity of the air is preferred. This plant can grow very dense so enough ventilation is required to avoid Botrytis inside the bushy plant.

Light: The more light and the longer the day the better for flowering and growth.

CO2: Will probably react positive on higher CO2 levels (max 900 ppm)


Surdiva® are plants requiring a moderate to moist watering. Don’t let the plants dry out otherwise they will lose flowers and buds. Over-watering must be avoided, a saturated soil leads to high risks of damaged roots and/or botrytis.


Keep the pH around 5,5/6 for a better iron absorption and use a medium contestant feed (around 200/250 ppm)

Crop Protection

Surdiva® can be subject to thrips, white flies, leaf miner, botrytis verticillium, pythium and rhizoctonia.

Growth Regulating

  • Surdiva® is not very hard to keep compact.
  • Regulate the given water amount.
  • Pinch once and cut back deep and around the pot edge.
  • You can use cold morning strategy or negative DIF.
  • Use growth regulators is usually not necessary
  • Give plants enough space and keep the environment dry.

‘The above information is given with our best and present knowledge, MNP cannot take any responsibility for the use or misuse of the above given information.’ Enjoy the growing of Surdiva